Current Project

Jewel of Persia project has been presented to Larry Agran, Mayor of the City of Irvine and Michael LeBlanc, Senior Vice President of Irvine company for advisement.

In their own words:

"This project not only meets Irvine building design criteria, but also more importantly, it would be great contribution from the Persian community in starting a new concept of Cultural/Commercial mixed-used center for Orange County."

Project Designed Highlights
To promote, encourage, and inspire the Persian community, new generation and the generation "past" come together through the following collaborative features:

  • Art Exhibits from a variety of talent artist and their exceptional work
  • Museum
  • Theatrical and Traditional plays (indoor and outdoor settings)
  • Film Festivals from around the world
  • Graduation Celebrations
  • Music and Film Award Celebrations
  • Traditional Cultural Celebration such as No-rooz, Mehregan and Shabe-e-Yalda as well as private ceremonies
  • Concerts & Dances
  • Language and Art Center for children and adults
  • Conference Center
  • Live Televised Entertainment on the outdoor large screen. ( i.e. Soccer Games and Music Videos)
  • Media (newspaper, books, magazines from around the world and postings of current events)
  • Lectures & Seminars on current affairs affecting the community
  • Exposure of Cultural Values to the new generation
  • Social Encounters in a safe and intellectual environment
  • Community Support & Programs such as:
    • Day Care
    • Youth
    • Senior Citizen
  • Promoting multi-cultural activities

Conceptual Design Drawings