About Jewel of Persia

Over the past 24 years, the Persian communities in California and rest of the nation have been one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in United States. This vibrant group has excelled in many areas, such as education, culture, arts & science, music, and business profession.

The majority of the Persian population in Southern California resides in the three Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego. Orange County is an ideal location for bringing the Persian community from all three Counties together. Jewel of Persia is designed to serve as a place where Persian community and other cultural groups come together.

Vision & Mission Statement

Jewel of Persia intends to open its door to all Persian ethnic groups to come together to share their experience and memories in a comfortable and dynamic environment. Even with diverse background, Persians share a common goal, preserving their culture for generations to come. At the present time there is no physical place of gathering for this community that would house both cultural and commercial units. Jewel of Persia will be an intellectual environment created by the cultural values of the Persian heritage.

The Jewel of Persia's Board of Directors has contributed their personal visions and professional expertise by taking the first step in this important direction. The spatial quality and characteristics of Persian and American architecture will enhance the experience of the center while preserving pride and identity in a permanent location.